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Tupelo Gum Tree

Pure Tupelo honey is produced from the White Ogeechee Tupelo (nyssa ogeche), it ranges through the Ogeechee River, the Apalachicola, and the Chattahoochee River Basins of northwest Florida.  These river valleys are the only place in the world where Tupelo Honey is produced commercially.  Bee hives are placed along the river's edge.  The bees fan out through the surrounding Tupelo blossom rich swamps during April and May and return with nectar to produce their liquid treasure. 

Pure Tupelo honey has a light amber golden color with a slight greenish cast.  This honey is a choice table grade honey with a delicious flavor with a delicate distinctive taste.  Honey produced from only the White Tupelo is the only honey that will not granulate.  Due to it's high laevulose (44.3%), low dextrose (29.98%) ratio (average), doctors have been able to recommend some diabetic patients to consume Tupelo Honey

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During other times of the year, our association members also produce various blends of wild flower honey.

Would you like to know about Tupelo Honey and beekeeping.  Here you'll find information about what Tupelo Honey is, what makes it unique and how it is made.  Our combined association members have years of experience in beekeeping and producing honey.   

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